SUPPORT in Developing Self-Mastery Habits for Success

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What will SUPPORT you in Developing your Self-Mastery Habits for Success?

I’d like to share some foundational tools that will SUPPORT you in being successful in creating your new habits. You’ll want to add these to your holistic toolbox because they will significantly benefit you in reshaping how you are achieving your goals.

Let’s get started

There is a part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.) that connects the subconscious part of our brain to the conscious part of our brain. Our R.A.S. focuses on what we consciously and unconsciously tell it to focus on. So, suppose I intentionally create a goal or set an intention. In that case, my R.A.S. will filter or screen out all irrelevant information and only bring to my conscious attention anything that will Support and Validate what I’ve told it. On the flip side, if I am unconsciously thinking or feeling negative beliefs, like, “I can’t do this, I don’t know how to do this, or I’m not smart enough to do this.” Then my R.A.S. is going to look for anything that Supports and Validates that belief also.

Let me give you an Example

Let’s say you set a goal to eat healthier, and in the morning, you notice a book about healthy eating on someone’s bookshelf. Later that day, you’re in a store, and you overhear two people talking about a clean eating diet. Now, you’ve Never noticed The book on The bookshelf Before, and I’m sure you’re not in the habit of eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. What happened when you set the intention to eat healthier, your conscious mind told your subconscious mind, “listen and look for anything that will support me to eat healthily. In essence, You told it to put it on your important list.

How you can get your R.A.S. to function in your favor

You can intentionally program your R.A.S. to support you in shifting your beliefs and achieving your goals.

FIRST – you want to Set that goal. I call it a Vision Statement

When you set that goal, what you’re doing is you are making a declaration to the universe about who you want to be and what you want to create. And this vision statement is going to act as your compass when you get off course. Because we all do.

F.A.I.L. – First attempt in learning, it’s part of the process

Now that you Have set the goal, You want to create positive energy around your goal using

the Law of Attraction tools like Affirmations, Visualization, and always Gratitude.

Next – Writing your Affirmation

When you are writing your Affirmations, for them to have the effect you are expecting – they must be written and spoken a specific way.

Ensure your Affirmation is specific to your goal or intention

Make sure that it includes Gratitude.

Speak your Affirmation out loud daily, with as much positive electromagnetic energy as you can. Because it is this electromagnetic energy that changes the neuropathways of your brain.

Affirmations force your R.A.S. to kick in automatically and begin adding things that are relevant to your important list that support and validate your intention or your belief.

Next – Visualizations

Anything that you can vividly imagine will seem real to your R.A.S., and it will act on it. That’s because your mind cannot distinguish between actual events or imagined events.

When creating your Visualization, include what you can hear, see, smell, taste, and touch because your mind loves details.

Visualize after you have read your Affirmation out loud, daily.

Next – Become mindful of your thoughts and words

Your thoughts and words are law unto the universe. 

Whatever you send out consciously or unconsciously is what you will attract back to you.

The universe returns to you what you are.

Lastly – Breathing

Everyone underestimates Breathing. From the time we are born, we begin breathing, and that’s probably why we don’t give it a second thought, let alone know that we can use it as a tool to help us achieve a better life.

Slow, controlled inhales and slow, controlled exhales done at least 3 times when you feel triggered will take you from what I call monkey mind chatter to a more peaceful awareness state of mind.

Just try it. What do you have to lose? It is definitely my first go-to when I am triggered.


  • 1st – Set your Goal or Intention
  • 2nd – Write and Say your Affirmation out loud daily
  • 3rd – Visualize with great detail after you read your Affirmation.
  • 4th – Begin becoming Mindful of Your thoughts and words. 
  • 5th – And of course Conscious Breathing

So, if your desire is to create a life of abundance, good health, peace, whatever intention you want to set, and you’ll take time daily to focus on these details. This gets your R.A.S. working for you rather than against you in achieving your goals. What you are doing is you’re allowing your thoughts and energy to mirror the reality you want to create.

So, I hope this information helped provide you Support when you’re developing your Self-mastery habits for success. I didn’t have Support growing up, so Support is Essential To me. I encourage you to email me questions and comments. They are very welcome; I will answer each one.

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~ Namaste,

Coach Sahaya


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