My Services

Co-creating with you in a Safe & Supportive environment as you release what no longer serves your highest good.

Personal & Life Enhancing Coaching

My favorite thing to do in my practice is Deep Diving with my clients, where they get to experience their Inner Truth through a process of guided Self-discovery, so you don’t continue to recreate scenarios in an attempt to heal your past wounds. 

I study your unique case history and customize your life coaching sessions so you can achieve your most important Self-mastery goals quickly. I help you Dis-create fear-based beliefs that hold you back to rise above and transcend them, so you live a Peaceful, Happier, and Joy-filled life. I show you how the answers you’ve been looking for exist within you now using Exclusive, Proprietary HuMethod™ Coaching. These exercises will show you why it is necessary to Dis-create beliefs that no longer serve your highest good so you can create the permanent life changes you want and bring awareness to why you connect with the people in your life the way you do.


Pre-Marriage Coaching

If I knew then what I know now, it would have saved me so much heartache and wasted time. Are you willing to leave your Relationships to chance, or are you ready to do what needs to be done to ensure the life that you desire? Do you wonder what your relationship will be like, one, five, ten years down the road? Do you both have the communication skills necessary to get you through when things get tough? What happens when we disagree? My expertise in this area will give you the tools and wisdom to nurture and cultivate a successful relationship—one filled with mutual respect and understanding. I'll guide and inspire you to achieve a more Conscious Loving Relationship with your significant other and your children.

Emotionally Intimate Relationships

How would it feel to rise above outdated old-world relationship models in all of your relationships and truly feel the love and joy in being in them?

Life throws many surprises and challenges at us. While we cannot predict any situation's outcome, we can learn to respond with our highest ability. Mastering relationships is not something that happens naturally. It occurs during life by taking conscious action. Relationship mastery means to reach beyond your FEAR identities with a committed partner, to create an environment rich in Love, Honesty, and Trust. This spiritually rich environment creates emotional intimacy, making your life feel more like you are in heaven rather than on earth.


The Healing Paradox
It's not my fault what happened! ~ It is my responsibility to heal!

Give yourself permission to
take the leap.

The act of giving yourself permission is life-changing. Most people wait and trust that someone someday will provide them with permission to have the life they want, or they are holding up until their next achieved accomplishment to feel sufficiently worthy of having it. Permit yourself to take the leap and change your life.