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Want To Live a Happy and Joy-Filled Life?

Change the narrative of your life by accepting responsibility for yourself.

That may be scary, but it will be very empowering and life-altering if you commit to it. Let me gift you Cutting-edge tools and teach you how to use them for support. You'll recognize your patterns, validate your feelings, mend your past, and create your best Self.

This approach works because it is based on clinical testing and a Spiritual concept that a person already possesses an innate spiritual understanding of their truth sufficient to remedy it. Learning and applying these exercises will help you rebalance and transform yourself into who you've always been at your core.

The accredited HuMethod™ helps you harness Breathing's power, Change the relationship you have with your thoughts and past experiences, Connect to your authentic Self and the perfectly evolving Universe, which is spiritual. These techniques are effective because the body, mind, and soul are interconnected.

Your history doesn’t need to be your future.

How May I Serve You?

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about Creating Yourself."
~ George Bernard Shaw

"In any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth or to step back into saftey." ~ Abraham Maslow

My Services


Personal & Life Enhancing Coaching

My favorite thing to do in my practice is Deep Diving with my clients, where they get to surface and experience their Inner Truth through a process of guided self-discovery. I study your unique case history, customize your life coaching sessions, designed specifically for you.

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Pre-Marriage Coaching

If I knew then, what I know now it would have saved me so much heartache and wasted time. Are you willing to leave your Relationships to chance or is it safe to say that you’re willing invest the time and energy to guarantee the relationship you want?

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Emotionally Intimate Relationships

Mastering relationships is not something that just happens naturally. Life throws many surprises and challenges at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can learn to respond with our Highest Ability.

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Support That Makes a Difference

What my clients say


“I highly recommend Coach Sahaya for anyone who is interested in creating the most authentic life that they deserve. You may not be struggling with anything and "have it all together", but feel that there is just "something more" or seeking a way of life that is more fulfilling and genuine. You may be struggling with something specific or something you just cannot put your finger on. Either way, teaming up with Coach Sahaya will provide results that are rarely achieved without solid direction and the proper toolset. Interesting challenges have come up since our initial sessions have ended and I am pleased to report that I was (and continue to be) confident in rising through those challenges.”

Laurie S.

Network Programmer

“Coach Sahaya is a Cum Laude graduate of HLC’s 27-year-old psycho-spiritual, life coaching certification school. I also had the honor of working with her as my coaching client where she displayed the emotional courage to dive deep into her issues, which is a prerequisite of all successful therapists. If you are processing whether to hire Sahaya as you counselor, coach, or colleague you will be glad to learn that she blends her clinical and academic training into a format, which is only possible because she has done her own deep psycho-spiritual reflective work. She practices what she preaches with an intuitive style that allows her to help her clients transcend their issues in a well-grounded transformative way. And most importantly she uses a caring and supportive approach that helps her clients achieve their self-help goals using her unique transformative therapeutic exercises.”

Master Coach Hu Dalconzo

Founder of HLC
Melodye P. NEW Photo

“I started working with Coach Sahaya as my holistic life coach two years ago. I was having boundary issues and trouble working through childhood trauma. Traditional therapy did not give me the tools I needed to heal and really dig into my deep-seated problems. I would shut down and emotionally withdrawal for weeks at a time. Now, after my sessions with Coach Sahaya, When I do get triggered to a high level of intensity I have the tools to bring me through it much quicker. Coach Sahaya's teaching on meditation will amaze you. She has a calming but firm way about her. The skills you'll learn will take you through other aspects of yourself and others around you that you probably didn't know where there. Give yourself a treat and hire her! ”

Melodye P.


“I had spent many years going through therapy, while it did help, I felt as though there were gaps in my life that I was not able to fill. And then I met Coach Sahaya, my soul sister who guided me to my true inner Self. I spent over a year in sessions with Coach Sahaya filling those gaps, gaining closure from my past, forgiving those who hurt me, creating boundaries, and truly loving and respecting myself for the first time. The tools that I learned will serve me for years to come. I am so joyful that I took the time to provide myself with the right self-care that I desired, to be the true and authentic spirit that I am. I highly recommend to anyone at any stage in life to take the journey of learning who you are and can be with the guide, direction, and respect from Coach Sahaya.”

Alaina Miller

Quality Control Supervisor

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